Earnings calendar an important tool

Earnings calendar an important tool

For anyone venturing into the stock markets or for any accomplished investor, there is always that one tool which has helped them make all the right decisions when it came to investing and putting the money in all the right places. There are various things you need to be aware of when investing in stocks.

Keeping an eye out on news, potential rise and fall of stocks, the activity of the market etc. are all important indicators for investors. But all of these are mostly predicaments and you have no sure shot way of knowing if the signs are right and if the markets will move as you hoped it would. There is however one very accurate tool, which can help you keep a track of all the stocks on which you already have and ones you are keen on purchasing.

What exactly is an earnings calendar?

There are thousands of companies out there and it would be near impossible to keep a track of all of them individually, hence there is a big need to be able to account the movement of these stocks. There is one tool, called a stock earnings calendar, which does exactly that. It holds all the key information about the various stocks in the market and allows you to keep an eye on them, all at once.

There is more to the functionality of an earnings calendar; they also contain certain information such as, the expected move, PMAEA and more. All of these numbers are all dependant on one factor the earnings date and the earnings announcement.

What are earnings date and announcement?

All companies are required by law to submit the reports of their performance at the end of each quarter and also the full reports of the year. The earnings calendar indicates the expected date for each company and how likely the stock price is going to move. Apart from all of this, they also contain the various other metrics, all of which is designed to help you make sound investment decisions.

The earnings date is a time when the companies release their performance statements, before the release of these numbers analysts spend ample time analysing the underlying numbers and coming up with predictions on movement of the stock prices. They factor in recent performances, past records, company values and other insights; all of these combined helps get to numbers which are very precise and accurately predict the movement of the stocks.

Announcement is when the prices, profits and plans of the company are announced, all of this predicates a number of predictions made by analysts and also usually marks the start of a huge trading day for the company and its shares. During this time you should put yourself in a position which allows you to acquire or sell shares of companies you are interested in. Doing that would help you make shrewd investments for the future. With a tool like an earnings calendar at your disposal, you should use it to its fullest extent and make all the right moves.

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