Top Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Company Video

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Company Video

Reading the script

It’s completely understandable that you might be concerned about remembering your lines in your company video, but you need to have some faith in yourself. If you decide to read your script, it’s not too much of a problem as no one can see you, but most people can tell when something is being read rather than spoken. If you decide you need the words in front of you, make entirely sure that you do know them off by heart, and the script is only there for comfort. It is essential that your voice sounds natural and appealing throughout your company video. If you are struggling or would prefer a more professional approach, your video production team should be able to provide you with an experienced voiceover.

Monotonous voice

When you’re concentrating hard on everything you need to remember, such as looking at the camera or remembering your lines, it’s straightforward to slip into a dreary and dull monotone voice. How you say, the words is more important than the words themselves, which is precisely why TV commercials use overly fluctuated and exaggerated voices. If your company video bores a potential client, there is a very slim chance that they will end up buying from you. If you relax into the filming and ensure that you sound as enjoyable as possible, you are more likely to keep your viewers attention.

Facial Expression

Would you want to purchase goods or services, inquire about the business, or show any amount of interest to an industry whose company video displayed a boring, unfriendly and cold looking person? I didn’t think so. Your company video is usually on the homepage of your website, which acts as the window into your business, making it very important that the person in your video looks friendly and warming. Have you ever noticed yourself smiling back at someone who passes you in the street with a smile on their face? The same can apply to business. By ensuring that the person in your company video has a friendly and approachable facial expression, you are making your visitors feel welcome. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, it probably bests that you ask your video producer to supply actors. This will cost more money but will ensure that your corporate video is appealing to visitors.

For your company video to succeed, it is essential that you connect with your viewers. If you come across as unapproachable, unfriendly, too corporate, or cold, you will not create the connection you crave. By acting naturally, smiling, sounding sincere, and losing the dull monotone voice, you could attract some great new customers.

youtube promotion is a potent tool when used correctly, mainly because your visitors can see and hear everything you are saying. You could cause damage to your business if your company video is giving off the wrong message, so ensure you achieve success by working with a professional company video production team. It’s a lot harder to make words look and sound great in a video than it is on paper, so it is recommended that you spend your money wisely when investing in video marketing.

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